TermoEasy - free reading of the heat consumption of radiators/heaters

Why should you pay every year 5euros or 5gbp or more to read the consumption of the radiators when this measure is in most cases electronic, automatic and standard?
Four radiators are 20 euros while, even to read the counters by hand, once you understand how the display works, you see that it takes less than 15 seconds each... if you make the bill you are paying 1200 euros per hour...

We are in 2018, it is time to do away with bounces and tributes!
Automation has been intended to reduce costs, not to invent new fictious ones.
The consumption reading can be done practically with zero euro if annual, or you can, at least, spend the same or less, but have a continuous and daily reading of the heat, which would give you something more valuable for the price you pay.
If you are interested in getting rid of this improper tax, please contact us at info(snail)termoeasy.com. Please describe the brand of your measuring system, and the features you may know from the condominium assembly; for example it is interesting to know if you have installed in addition to the counters some "concentrators" or some "measuring antennas" - usually in stairs or other common areas.

International editions - Italian: lettura del consumo dei termosifoni - lettura a zero euro dei termosifoni - lettura gratis dei termosifoni, senza costi ricorrenti