TermoEasy - summary 
reading heat consumption in condo with ease and/or remotely
TermoEasy is an electronic device that allows you to easily read the heat consumption divided for the individual apartments of a condominium; this is needed in all condominiums with central heating, in order to divide the costs of heating (most condo already have control units to achieve readings - but very often they are only accessible by expert technicians). 
TermoEasy allows you to read on the spot and download the readings in PDF and other formats, and/or to read remotely ie anywhere via the Internet - for example the administrator can do it from his office (you need a WiFi connection or a SIM card of any operator). 
It works with M-Bus control units / concentrators / antennas or European standard EN-13757 (the vast majority of the installed ones, for example the Siemens WTT561 and WTT16 control units, etc.). 
It is a little box of about 11x11x5 cm that can be installed very easily and can be configured and read with smartphone or PC / Mac / Linux
It works on common AA batteries or even at 220V. 
Once placed and configured, anyone who knows how to use the Internet can view and download the readings via smartphone / PC / Mac / Linux. Obviously the data of the readings can also be printed on paper as well as seen online and / or sent by email etc. 
- how the consumption readings look when you connect to TermoEasy on site (Standard version; also RW and RG) 
- the remote reading of heat consumption on the Web, when TermoEasy RW (WiFi) or RG (GSM) is installed in the condo... 
- the remote reading "restricted" (a separate login, where people can't touch settings, is available)... 
Old-fashioned administrators who do not want to do direct reading, or those who want to delegate outside, can have the TermoEasy installed and read by a professional. Obviously the technician will apply a charge. Having a so simple tool, the professional can still make a better price than what the condominium currently pays. 
Any cost conscious owner that wants to suggest a system to save money can propose the installation of TermoEasy - eventually the same co-owner can also take the task of the "annual reading" (it is a common reading of meters... you don't need an engineer or Einstein for reading the energy/gas counters... and so to read TermoEasy ...!) 
Or the proposal to install TermoEasy can come from an intelligent and cost-conscious administrator, who will install it or have it installed and - given the simplicity of everything - can make the readings himself (as seen from the image above is very simple; there is a paper manual, we also have videos to explain installation and use, there is a user's forum and you can contact our support
Alternatively, TermoEasy can be suggested to the condominium by a installer / professional in step with the progress of the technique; after the installation he can then make and supply the readings himself, and/or he can give the condominium the possibility of a "restricted" remote access (a page where you can see the readings but you can not alter and mess up the installation parameters, such as groups apartments/counters and so on). 
There are three versions: Standard that allows to do a reading on the spot (within the condominium, usually in the stairwell) via smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the TermoEasy internal WiFi; Remote Wifi and Remote GSM that allow you to read from the Internet at any time via www.termoeasy.com/users/ (the Remote WiFi requires the presence of a WiFi connection - for example you can ask permission to a condominium; GSM requires a SIM card of any operator that has a good net signal within the condominium). 
The price of TermoEasy is very affordable compared to the price of the reading that is often contracted to those who manage the heating or to external companies; an even small condominium recovers the cost of TermoEasy in just one year. You do not lose anything and you improve the service, spending less! 
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